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Katie Cormier
Katie Cormier
Lease & Rental Manager
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Shawn Phinney
Lease & Rental Fleet Manager
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We are focused on your success.

East Coast Idealease offers a safe, cost-effective and efficient alternative to commercial truck ownership through our comprehensive Full Maintenance Leasing, Daily Rentals, and Dedicated Maintenance solutions. We are the industry experts at seamlessly transitioning businesses from truck ownership to full service leasing. Our responsive fleet services will help keep your business running smoothly—allowing you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.


Full Maintenance Leasing

Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. A full service lease from Idealease allows you to pay even more attention to serving your customers and growing your business.

For most well-run businesses, truck leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative because your cash flow improves, your truck uptime improves and your transportation costs are more consistent.

With an East Coast Idealease full service lease, you get industry-leading vehicles that are backed by superior fleet maintenance and fleet services like 24/7 roadside assistance. Our professional vehicle maintenance improves vehicle uptime at a fixed and guaranteed monthly cost. Since 2005, Idealease full service lease customers have experienced 98% vehicle uptime.

Talk to East Coast Idealease to learn more about transitioning from vehicle ownership to a full service lease

Full Service Lease Benefits:

  • Priority Service
  • No vehicle disposal concerns
  • Dedicated maintenance
  • Mobile service (at designated locations)
  • Periodic state and federal inspections
  • Vehicle licensing and permitting
  • Replacement rental vehicles
  • Discounted rentals
  • GPS solutions
  • 24-hour roadside assistance 

Daily Rentals


Industry-Leading Vehicles at a Moment’s Notice

Unexpected need for more vehicles?
East Coast Idealease can help you handle a short-term peak in your business, or rent replacement vehicles when your trucks are in the shop. We provide truck rental programs to fit your needs for a day, month or longer. Our wide variety of industry-leading trucks and tractors are well maintained, reliable, and clean. We have you covered with more than 430 truck rental locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and more than 10,000 vehicles in the Idealease rental fleet.

Talk to East Coast Idealease, the truck rental experts. We’ll help you meet your customers’ expectations with the right truck rental for the job—when you need it.


Dedicated Maintenance

Is your fleet uptime meeting your customers’ expectations?

Today's commercial trucks are sophisticated equipment that require top-notch maintenance to optimize vehicle uptime. Your customers depend on the reliability of your fleet for their business success.

Cost-effective Dedicated Maintenance programs from East Coast Idealease will improve vehicle uptime and allow you to deliver on your customer promises. We negotiate preferred pricing with our suppliers and pass the savings on to you. All Preventive and Predictable Maintenance is billed in one consistent monthly payment, simplifying your budget process. Dedicated Maintenance programs also include all required state and federal vehicle inspections to assure regulatory compliance and avoid audits and fines.

Dedicated Maintenance is a great option for multi-location fleets that have a small number of vehicles at any single location or for smaller fleets who use an independent garage for basic maintenance and the dealership for major repairs.

Talk to East Coast Idealease about our responsive Dedicated Maintenance programs that improve vehicle uptime and allow you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

Preventive Maintenance
East Coast Idealease schedules PMs around your business hours, often during off-hours or on site to improve vehicle uptime. We track PM intervals and remind you and your driver when vehicles are due for service.

Predictable Maintenance
Our Dedicated Maintenance program includes all Predictable Maintenance including tire and brake replacements, daily driver write-ups, and over-the-road breakdowns—all at a fixed monthly cost. Get Priority Service at more than 430 Idealease locations throughout North America. Our dedicated service facilities, bays and technicians mean there is no waiting in line for service.



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